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Post  yodamboy on Tue Apr 07, 2015 9:39 pm

Hey guys I am starting a new business and I would like your input. It’s a short survey with pretty good prizes. People in the survey will be entered to win these prizes:
1st winner selected gets a ride along with a professional Drift racer and a prototype of the product with a signed picture of you and the drifter.
2nd winner gets a prototype product.
3rd winner gets a small scale prototype product
4th- 100th gets a free Decal of the currently non-disclosed brand logo and 10% first products.
“Discounts does not stack”
Just email me and label the subject “survey” if you want the survey to be sent to a different email just let me know in the email. wssfcorp@
I am only doing 3 Forum sites with 1 topic each so the chances of winning are pretty good.
Thanks guys


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