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Post  BehavioralStealth on Sun Feb 02, 2014 8:51 am

I'm currently living in San Antonio, I've been here since September, I'm moving to El Paso next week and will finally be getting my vehicle down here. But i am from Washington State, at the Southwest corner. I basically grew up in Portland OR. The drift scene where im from is pretty dope, and im just looking to get an idea of what's going on in Texas. I know where im from we usually spend most of our time at the port of portland, we've got a few touge roads in the columbia river gorge that we hit once every couple months, and then a little race track that opens its doors to drifters 1-2 times a month. Problem is where im from cops aren't real fond of us, and have started cracking down, and scouting our spots. what should i expect in El Paso? is it mostly parking lot/loading bays, or street. are there any decent mountain roads? do any local tracks allow drifting? Whats up Texas? im going to be here the next few years, i need someone to show me whats up down here! I'm excited to be here and have heard good things about the car scene.

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